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All you need to know about start-up


interview conducted by Cristian De Mitri and published on the groundbreakingwinds blog (take a look) – 10 december
Today, I’ve the pleasure to post an interesting and enlightening interview of a my open-minded friendbusiness partner and startupperAndrea Solimene
Enjoy the following six things you need to know about startups and how Italy can change itself.
How many and such difficulties do you meet, as startupper, in the success path?
First of all the lack of a “startup culture“. The italian startup ecosystem is still not established so talking about “startup” is not easy. There are no schemes or referral points if you want to develop your ideas…so you have to be lucky a lot! In my  experience I noticed that there’s a few collaborative spirit among startuppers…everyone want to be the new Zuckenberg … this means that it’s quite difficult to create communication, share competences, develop ideas … we live in a country where everyone is scared that someone may steal ideas. If you don’t take a risks you’ll never reach the opportunity to develop the idea. There’s a problem!”
Can startups and small business get us out of the tunnel?
“Yes. They must! Italy can’t go on only with the italian entrepreneurial network based on old standards and methods. When people talk about innovation they have to think about technology and management. Not only technology, because Italy needs a change of mentality in business. We should innovate in processes, in methodologies, in HR management and create a new entrepreneurship culture. Startups can do this! there are a lot of young people who want challenges, who want innovate, who have ideas and want to create value of their country. Unfortunately, startup is considered like an italian fashion moment where “making a startup” means “i’m cool”… it’s totally different! We’ll see in the next future…”
What does it mean “social innovation”? And how can we start a business in this field?
“Social innovation means “make something useful for ourself”, means give opportunities, spread a social business, develop something useful for people, know people’s needs, learn to hear from others. Social Innovation can involve people spreading sense of cooperation, innovation and hope!”
Can Italy still attract investment?
“Yes but italian people need to change their mind and their approach with foreign investments. We still live in a world where venture capitals are like ghosts… few people know their role and their mission. Italy has to invest in tourism, in science, in energy… we have the most beautiful cities in the world, the most creative and smart people and a perfect weather … WAKE UP!”
Can the young italian people recovery all damages raised from the old and corrupted mismanagement?
“Nice question. it will be a long story but – for the safety of Italy – something has to change! It’s necessary an approach based on cooperation. Young people want to destroy old schemes and create new opportunities for Italy. They are fed-up about old mismanagement. Young have to understand where the old one failed and create new business opportunities from values like cooperation, socialization, respect, innovation and communication.”
Which are the secrets to turn ideas into startups?
“ Good team, passion and hard work…and be faithful! If you have these 3 elements … good luck!”


All you need to know about start-up

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