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Friday Orange Juice

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The “Friday Orange Juice” is a Spremute Digitali project aimed to provide business advice and suggestions every 2nd friday of the month. The Friday Orange Juice (FOJ) is designed to help people  to better understand how compete in the web 2.0 challenges. It will be an easy way to provide tips about business strategy.

“Planning is the first step to achieve business goals”

We often think that our business company can achieve targets only working hard and doing a perfect commercial activity. Experienced project managers know there are many things that can go wrong in projects regardless of how successfully they plan and execute their work. Planning means understanding the key factors and the risks of a project to better schedule tasks and activities. The Project Management Methodology shows how to manage activities of a project using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a suitable tool to plan, execute and control the project development. The WBS is a deliverable oriented decomposition of a project into smaller components. The WBS provides a framework which shows a subdivision of effort required to achieve a target. It is designed like a tree structure where the upper levels typically reflect the major deliverable work areas of the project. The lower levels provide appropriate details and guarantee to focus on costs, assessment risks, operations and resource allocation. Here below a simple example of WBS.

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Friday Orange Juice

Contatti è un marchio proprietario di Seedble S.r.l. Seedble è una PMI innovativa parte del gruppo Symphonie Prime. Dal 2014 disegniamo e creiamo organizzazioni future-proof in grado di innovare, evolversi e adattarsi a tutti gli scenari socio-economici.


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